Macarons – Italian Meringue Method

After my last post, I decided it would be a good thing to, at the very least, try the Italian meringue method of making macarons. First, though, research was required. I came across an interesting website that explains both methods quite extensively. It also has (yes, yes, yes!) formulas for both. You know, if you have this much egg, how much almond, icing sugar, etc. depending on your method of choice.

I’ve taken his formulas and input them into an Excel spreadsheet, making it really easy to come up with a recipe for any flavour of macaron I could dream up. I won’t post my file but I will definitely post a link to his tutorials (at the bottom of the page, there’s a link to part 3, the Italian method).

Using his formula, I’ve come up with the recipe below. I’ll be switching out about 5 grams of the almond flour for about the same weight of finely ground coffee. My filling will be a French buttercream (which uses egg yolks) flavoured with Kahlua.


Coffee Kahlua Macarons

  • 2 egg whites (mine weighed 65 gm)
  • 91 gm icing sugar
  • 91 gm almond flour (sub 5 gm for 5 gm ground coffee)
  • 91 gm white sugar
  • 25 gm water

I followed the instructions for the Italian method, found on the Syrup & Tang website. So, how did it go?


Just look at those cute little feet!

Well, I found that working with that small amount of egg whites (one for the meringue and one for the almond/icing sugar mixture) was a little difficult for the size of mixer I have (Kitchen Aid Pro). I probably should have used my hand mixer. I ended up adding about 1/2 of a third egg white to the final mixture in order to get the magma-like consistency (what the heck does magma look like anyway?) needed for piping.


Look, no hollows!!

Apart from that, I was very pleased with the way these turned out. This batch was, with the possible exception of the Pistachio macarons, my best batch yet. I think I’ll be switching methods, using the Italian (sucre cuit) method rather than the French method, from here on in.

Now, what flavour should I try next?


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