Macarons – Another Attempt At Perfection

In my quest for the perfect macarons, I made another two batches yesterday. Ugh! The first batch was to be another batch of the lemon macarons that looked so good the first time around. I still had some lemon buttercream left over, along with half a jar of lemon curd (why is it disappearing so quickly??) so I thought it would be a good idea to use them up. This time, I made the mistake of not trusting my scale, added too much almond flour, and they went flat, although some of them did have feet.


The second batch I made was a small batch (about a dozen) of Kahlua macarons. They turned out REALLY well. In addition to the almond flour, I ground up some cocoa nibs with granulated sugar in my coffee grinder (btw, it’s a great way of cleaning out your coffee grinder!) and added about 50 grams (after taking out about 50 grams of the almond/icing sugar mixture). I filled the macarons with Kahlua butter cream. Oh my!


Just look at those feet!

I think I’ve got my oven figured out now. If I set the oven for about 250ºF and leave it on while I’m letting the macarons dry out a bit, it’s the perfect 325º by the time they’re ready to bake (yes, that’s a 75º difference!). Most recipes call for the cookies to bake anywhere from 12 – 18 minutes. I’m finding they’re just about right at the 15 minute mark. I’ve also realized that the oven heats unevenly so I’ll have to try what I’ve seen suggested on numerous websites – place an empty cookie sheet on the bottom rack. I guess one of my old, beat up cookie sheets would be perfect for that. Next time.


It would be very tempting to try another batch tomorrow but I’ve used up all my icing sugar and most of my eggs. Two batches are enough for one weekend’s baking.



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