Macarons: Something a Little Different

I think I’ve mentioned here before that my daughter is on a restricted diet at the moment. It makes cooking a bit of a challenge (no onions and no garlic!!) and baking has been altered somewhat to include gluten free options. The macarons, as lovely and delicious as they are and even though they’re gluten free, are not an option for her as they contain almonds and she has a sensitivity to all tree nuts (I have a similar sensitivity but mine is limited to hazelnuts).

Because of that, I decided to try making nut free macarons today. I found a couple of options. One uses grated white chocolate instead of almonds. Stella, over at Bravetart, suggests using pumpkin seeds (pepitas), which I usually have handy. She also has a recipe for macarons made with corn flour. I made the ones with the pumpkin seeds; maybe I’ll try the corn flour macarons another day.


They didn’t turn out quite the same as the macarons I’ve made so far but they to taste good. They didn’t rise very well and not one tray of macarons developed feet, unfortunately but I’m not overly concerned. My daughter can actually eat them.


I filled them with whipped chocolate ganache and raspberry curd and drizzled them with ganache.


Right now, they’re mellowing out at my backdoor (it’s hovering around the freezing mark, making the great outdoors one giant refrigerator). They’ll make a nice little treat for tomorrow, her birthday.



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