Macarons – Round Four: Perfection?

After reading the article I linked to in Macarons – Round Two, I decided to try using my mixer to integrate the sugar/almond mixture. I wasn’t sure how it would work until I came across the following video (it’s in French but it isn’t difficult to follow).

I do love listening to “real” French; it’s the French I learned in high school. I could understand quite a bit of the video but I wish I could understand more of it. I kept wanting to say “lentement, plus lentement” (slower, much slower).

As in the video, I added some colour to the last batch because I remembered that I still had some FD&C powdered colours. You’ve read the results of the above experiment in my last post. Armed now with everything I’ve learned, I’m ready for Round Four.

I decided this time, I would try Lemon Macarons. I went shopping this morning and picked up a couple of gel colours at our local Bulk Barn; I picked up some brown, red, and yellow, thinking I could mix colours to make new colours (a la artiste using paints). Silly me, I forgot to get the blue. Ah well, the store’s not that far out of my way and I’m there fairly regularly. I’ll just have to remember to pick some up next time.

So how did it go, you ask? Well, not perfection but better than most of the macarons I’ve made so far. To be honest, I think I could have mixed the batter just a little more; it may have been a bit thick.


Some of them developed feet, others didn’t. Some are hollow, others aren’t. I have a feeling, too, that I may be taking them out of the oven too soon. I should probably leave them a little longer or turn the oven up just slightly. Thank goodness I have an oven thermometer now; it’s definitely made a difference in our baking and cooking. I mean, we knew it ran hot but we had no idea it was even hotter than we’d realized.

I’m sort of following a recipe with these Triple Lemon macarons (links below); sort of because I am, and have been using, the same recipe for all the macarons I’ve made so far. I’m making the lemon buttercream in the Triple Lemon macarons recipe and, instead of using supermarket lemon curd, I’m making my own using an Alton Brown recipe.

Again, it’s a learning process. It definitely takes a few batches (or more) to learn what the perfect texture for the batter is. I’m pretty happy with this batch, though.

That said, I’m still aiming for perfection!

Recipes used in the making of these macarons:

  1. Alton Brown’s Lemon Curd
  2. The Blond Buckeye’s Triple Lemon Macarons (Lemon Buttercream recipe)
  3. Step by Step Guide to French Macarons at Sally’s Baking Addiction 

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