Back in the Kitchen

I’m never far from my kitchen. As I told someone recently, I love playing with my food. This weekend, I made three varieties of mustard (you can read about it on my main blog), hummus, and now, sauerkraut. In a little while, I’ll be making falafel and pita bread for our dinner tonight.

Let’s get back to the sauerkraut, shall we? I’ve never made sauerkraut; I can remember that my parents had this wonderful old 5 gallon crock that they tried making sauerkraut in – I wish I had that crock! As I recall, their sauerkraut never worked. I don’t know how my mom made it and my youngest sister told me yesterday that she remembers a few failed attempts as well.

After someone posted about homemade sauerkraut on a forum I’m part of, I became intrigued. One of the ladies posted a link to a tutorial she had put together. It sounded easy enough. I also did some searching through Pinterest and found a few more tutorials; they were, basically, all the same. Slice up your cabbage, massage salt into it until you have enough brine to cover it, pack it into a jar, making sure that all the cabbage is submerged in the resulting brine, cover it making sure it can breathe, and leave it alone to do its thing.


Mine is now tucked away in a closet, doing it’s thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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