Day Three – Let’s Get Baking

Today is baking day. Actually, to be honest, by the time I got around to writing this post, all of the croissants we baked?…. Well, they’ve been devoured. So… it WAS baking day.

Let’s take it back to this morning, shall we?


This is how the dough looked when I took it out of my refrigerator this morning. See those splotches? That’s butter. And there are layers of butter all the way through that lump of dough. What we need to do now is to roll it out. That lump will be rolled out to about 48″. I had to cut it in half because my table’s not very big.


Once it’s rolled out to length (and that’s important.. length, not width… only roll it out to lengthen it), notch it according to the recipe, every 5″.


See what’s happening? Once you notch it, cut it so you have a bunch of triangles. Then, start rolling them up.


These have been rising for a little while. And, yes, there’s something different going on here. I’ve added some Emmental and Rosemary ham to five of these (one for each of us and one for my daughter and her two kids, who just happened to be here today). Once they’ve risen to about double, it’s time to bake them.


My oven bakes hot. The recipe calls for the oven to be set to 450ºF. I set mine for 400º and the bottoms were still on the dark side. But, I have to tell you, they were amazing! I ended up with sixteen croissants; I baked nine. The remainder? I froze them.

Next weekend, when I want them for brunch on Sunday, I’ll take them out of the freezer on Saturday afternoon/evening, leave them in the fridge to thaw and rise and bake them on Sunday morning. Yes, you can do that.

So….. croissants aren’t difficult to make, just time-consuming. Will YOU try them? Will you let me know? Have I inspired you?


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