Everyone knows chives, right? They make an appearance in, or on, all sorts of things, usually as a garnish. I love them for their blossoms. They’re so pretty and the bees love them!

chivesRight now, the chives are in full bloom in our garden. Did you know that they’re edible? A couple of years ago, I discovered that they are, indeed, edible. Now, when the chive blossoms bloom, I put them into salads and use them as a garnish in all sorts of dishes. They taste very slightly of onions so they go well with anything you would use chives in… or on.

Recently, I came across a recipe that uses chive blossoms as the main ingredient. Chive blossom vinegar. It’s crazy simple to make and it’s almost as pretty as the chive blossoms… maybe even prettier. Maybe.

chive blossom vinegarI can see using the chive blossom vinegar in a vinaigrette. It would add a mild oniony flavour to anything you make with it. And the colour! Just look at that gorgeous shade of pink!

So how do you make this vinegar? Crazy simple! Pick your chive blossoms and give them a good wash (to get any bugs and/or dirt off). If you have a salad spinner, use it to spin out as much water as possible. If you don’t have one, you can leave them to dry for a while. Then stuff them into a jar. Stuff them! Get as many into your jar as you can.

Now, take some white wine vinegar and pour it into a saucepan. Heat it to the boiling point. Now, take that hot vinegar and pour it over your chive blossoms until the blossoms are covered. Place a square of parchment over the mouth of the jar, then screw on the jar lid.

Then, take the jar and put it in a dark place (kitchen cabinet, pantry, wherever) and forget it for a couple of weeks. Let the vinegar do its thing to the chive blossoms. In about two weeks, the vinegar will have leached the colour and flavour from the chive blossoms. Now you can strain it into a pretty bottle and admire your gorgeous Chive Blossom Vinegar.

See? Crazy simple! But oh, so pretty and oh, so tasty!


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  3. I made a couple of jars of this vinegar – quite delicious. One was straight blossoms, but that day a neighbour brought over some dill, so the second jar was blossoms and dill. Absolutely delicious in potato salad!

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