We’re Having a Party!

John and I recently moved into our current abode and we’ve decided it’s time for a housewarming party. It also coincides with my (and a few others’) birthdays. I’ve been working on the menu for a while now and have it decided.

We’ll be having:

  • Pulled Pork sandwiches
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato salad
  • Spanakopita appetizers (tiny triangles) with tzatziki
  • A fruit and veggie platter with Dilly Dip for the veggies

There will, of course, be the obligatory potato chips and such. I didn’t want to do the usual hamburgers or hot dogs; it’s just so overdone around here and I’m just not a big burger or hot dog fan anyway. This menu should satisfy the hungry man’s craving for meat, and still satisfy those who prefer something lighter. Our guests were told that they are to bring whatever they would like to drink; I refuse to foot the bill for the way some of our friends drink. Food, I can provide.

I’ll post the recipe for Pulled Pork (the way I do it) once it is photographable (is that even a word?).  We don’t have a barbecue or a slow cooker so the pork is slow roasting in the oven; I’ve combined two recipes I found online, then made it my own with some small changes and additions.

I had planned, originally, to bake all the buns myself, but with the weather as hot as it has been, the thought of making a batch of buns each day for a week was a little daunting; instead, I think we’ll just pick up a bag of buns from Costco. I’ve always enjoyed them and I think they’ll work quite well for the pork.

What do you think? What’s your favourite backyard party fare?


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